2D to 3D

These pieces are called Moodle and Ram-a-Doodle.  Moodle came about when I saw a little calf in a field, with her big bright eyes, and just had photograph her. She came right up to the fence and I managed to get her with her nose resting on it, making the perfect composition for a coloured pencil artwork. I began my creation by first drawing in the eyes with biro on Bristol board paper. I find the combination of the two really gives the vibrancy in the eyes. The eyes should always be the main focus (no pun intended!) of any animal portrait as they contain the character and soul of the subject. After the eyes, I then continued with the coloured pencils. Previous to this I had been doing a lot of pieces in 3D with the world’s first 3D pen, the 3Doodler, and was looking for ways to combine it with my art. I decided to try and do her nose in 3D so I could really show her nose resting on the fence. Upon the success of that I realised she would not be fitting in a traditional frame as I didn’t want her behind glass and she needed to be tactile. I also wanted the surround to represent the fence she was looking through so I went about sourcing some old wood, the rougher the better, to surround her with. This then presented another problem; how to protect the picture when it has no glass. So I stuck the Bristol board paper to a piece of board and then sealed the picture in with the découpage sealant. It was a bit of a nervous time but I just went for it and ended up being very satisfied with the results. Hence the birth of Moodle, a unique piece and the world’s first 2D-3D 3Doodled artworks. This piece took at least a good working week to complete. Ram-A-Doodle was created in the same way.  

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                        Moodle                                                                           Ram-a-Doodle

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